Welcome to Krakensoftgames.com

Alright, this thing is live! 

Welcome to Krakensoftgames.com, a home for our consulting efforts and original game development initiatives. We're excited to have you here and pumped to pull the curtain back on some of the stuff we're working on.

Before we dive into things, I'd like to highlight John's amazing work on our home page banner and logo. About 24 hours ago, I asked John to start working on some branding for business cards, because that whole GDC thing is coming up soon. He turned these around in about an hour:

We riffed on them for another hour or so and got to this set: 

After settling on a combo of the bottom right one and the noms building as a style guide (though I have to imagine I'm going to use all of these badass things sooner or later), John did a few comps:

Really, the hard part was figuring out which building we wanted the beast to be chomping on:

I think this one was my favorite building, though totally illegal, due to copyright laws or something:

At one point, we thought about the Kraken going after the entire city:

...and then I did a little bit of layout work...it got away from me I think...

But we ended on something great.

About 3 hours into the project (land speed record right?), John took the drawings overnight to re-ink everything:

That's right kids, hand-crafted right here in the US. After we had everything together, we put the finishing touches on a great piece of work, which you can now see on our home page:

All-in, 7 hours. Pretty awesome.

So, that's how we got to our current logo/background set, which I think is one of the more awesome pieces of corporate branding I've seen. Yeah, I may be biased, but props to the Scribblepunk on this one.

I hope this was an interesting look inside a fun graphic design project and I look forward to sharing future behind-the-scenes looks at some of our projects. Feel free to comment or share!


- C